Winemaking at Villa Saletta

Winemaking at Villa Saletta

David Landini

Villa Saletta produces a small selection of top-quality Tuscan wines. Each of the Villa Saletta vineyards has its own specific soil and climate, and the estate’s approach is focused on preserving these intrinsic characteristics in the wines. Our winemaker is David Landini, with studies in Agronomy, Viticulture and Enology, with extensive experiences with the most important families in Tuscany and wine world.

At Villa Saletta, growing focuses on the handicraft of vine care, starting with pruning, bud selection, positioning of growing shoots and picking. All of these important vineyard operations are done manually. Grapes are harvested with as many as 20 hand-pickings across the vineyards. The Villa Saletta approach to vineyard management also encompasses care of the soil, using cover crops and mulching to maximise natural soil health and reduce evaporation in the hot summer months.